I Took a Break From Blogging and That’s Okay.

I Took a Break From Blogging and That’s Okay.

I started this blog in February. To me, that’s hard to believe because it feels like I’ve posted next to nothing. And that’s true, but there are reasons for it. Like I said, I took a break and that is okay.

  1. I started in reading week.

    See that probably wasn’t the smartest thing. I don’t know if other countries have the same reading week or even call it that but it’s basically a week in university that they give you because there is a holiday that falls in it and midterms follow it. It’s a study break. Who studies? Literally no one, ever. I actually did this time, it only took me 3 years to start studying. I started it when I had a bunch of free time and then fast forward 6 days and I’m back at school busier than ever, and I stayed busy.

  2. I had a meltdown from stress.

    Back in early/mid-March, I had a mental breakdown from stress. I only have 3 semesters left before I finish my degree and I’m trying to get into a Master’s program. Where do I want to go for my Master’s? NYU. I want to live in New York City so badly (yes it’s the cliché dream, I don’t care). I was trying to accomplish everything at the same time and the stress got to me so I had to take a step back and prioritise.

  3. I lacked the motivation.

    This comes with the stress. You know when you just get so stressed you can’t even do anything because it stresses you too much? I get that all the time. I don’t handle stress well, which you can read about here. I had no inspiration for posts, no drive to do it. So I didn’t.

I mean it’s not like I have hundreds of followers who are awaiting my every word and so they were wondering where I was. No, I wanted to write this for two reasons. First, to explain to anyone who comes on here and bothers to read stuff. I appreciate you and you deserve to know this. Second, I wanted other people to see that this happens and that it’s okay. I’m in university, I work, I have a social life. It’s hard to juggle everything all at once every day. You don’t have to. Set something down when you can and then pick it back up once you have the hands to hold it.

So now that I’ve explained why if you look you’ll see a month of inactivity, I’m happy to say that I’m good now. I am no longer too overworked and I won’t be. Now I have the time and energy to actually focus on this blog and I plan to. You can expect regular posts from here on out.

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