About Me and My Blog!

About Me and My Blog!

Want to know how to lose 15 pounds in just 10 days? Want to know how to make 15k a month doing nothing? Want to know how to get a degree without going to University?

Me too. Sadly, this is not a place where you will learn any of that. I’m not here to make ridiculous promises that I will see no consequences for not fulfilling. I’m not here to mislead you with appealing programs that will cut corners and make your life easier.

I’m Caitlin and I’m here to connect with everyday people who find they are interested in climbing and the world, but unable to actually do either as they’d please.

That’s me in all my phone camera glory

I’m a 20-year-old English student studying at the University of Calgary. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I don’t know if English is the best degree for me; honestly, I plan on getting a History degree after, and then graduate school after that. I work as a server and a bartender at a family restaurant chain, I don’t come from an extremely wealthy family (although I am privileged in not having to pay for my schooling – the first time). I haven’t been climbing since I was 7 and I’m not a prodigy. I haven’t travelled all over the world and met the most amazing and influential people who will make you jealous. No, I haven’t done anything absolutely noteworthy, to be honest, but enough about what I haven’t done, this blog is about what I’m going to do.

See, I want to do all those things. I want to travel the world, climb the tallest mountains, dive in the biggest reefs, sail the sea. All of that makes up my main goals in life, to have all those experiences. So what am I doing now? I am working towards them. Climbing the Sky is not a blog that’ll tell you how to achieve all your dreams, instead, it is a blog that will show you how someone in the same sort of place in life as you is trying to achieve their dreams. Probably not the most appealing template, but I was sick of seeing all these incredibly successful bloggers say that they just did all these things that I would never have had the opportunity to do and that’s how they achieved what they have so far today. Why? Because it’s unrealistic. It’s the equivalent of a rich person telling you not be poor.

I’m working hard at climbing, training to become better every day. I am studying at school, trying to find the subject that best suits me my interests, and my dreams. I’m saving my money, working towards travelling one trip at a time. I’m actually planning a year-long road trip through Canada down to the Caribbean after I graduate. I’m trying to keep my social life, limited as it is. I am going to share with you what I am doing exactly to help me achieve these dreams and maybe it may inspire you to do the same, or maybe you’ll think “this is really boring and I could be binging How to Get Away With Murder now”. I don’t know, and honestly, in the end, it doesn’t matter. This blog is definitely not going to be for everyone. You’re not going to see me on the cover of Forbes or Time being labelled “the most influential blogger”.


I’m going to be brutally honest throughout this blog, so you better be ready. Let’s get started then, yeah?