10 Things You Need To Start Doing If You’re Trying To Get In Shape

10 Things You Need To Start Doing If You’re Trying To Get In Shape

Trying to get in shape is tough – believe me, I know. I’ve been working out for about 4 years now, on and off. I’m no longer in the best shape of my life, but that’s a product of school, work, blogging, and a social life. However, I’m not out of shape. I’m still quite fit, I exercise regularly, eat healthily majority of the time, I stay motivated. These are the 10 things that I found help me throughout my process to being all around happier with myself.

  1. Workout in the morning.

    Not only does working out give you energy which will help you get through the day, it also is a lot easier to get up and get it over with than come home from a day at work or school wanting to relax and realise you’ve got to get back up and go workout. You won’t have to feel the guilt when you decide to skip a workout for the fourth time in a week if you just get it over with at the start of your day.

  2. Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.

    I’m as guilty of this as the next person. When you’re hungry you start craving certain things and your willpower becomes a lot less powerful when you walk past the junk aisle and see the chips you haven’t eaten in 3 weeks. Buy your groceries for the week after a meal and then stick to them.

  3. Don’t restrict yourself.

    10 things to do to get in shape
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    I know, if you’re trying to lose weight then you have to diet a bit to get that calorie deficit you require. Now this one may not work for everyone because you may have an addictive personality or gain weight easily but not lose it as easily. I was lucky enough to inherit a fast metabolism and the ability to build muscle/lose weight quickly, so I’ll acknowledge that these tips, especially this one, don’t work for everyone. But I found that when I was trying to get in incredible shape I was miserable because I just wanted Five Guys. Well, I eventually got Five Guys and you now what, I felt better. It’s okay to treat yourself, just do it in moderation.

  4. Make a workout plan.

    Believe me, it is a lot easier to continue working out when you know what you have to do. When you get to the gym and look around trying to decide what to do it’s really easy to lose motivation. You’ll get distracted easier and after wasting so much time between each workout trying to decide what to do next you’ll just end up wanting to go home.

  5. Vary your workout plan.

    Once you get your workout plan and start following it you’re going to want to start putting variations into it. Once you do something so many times 2 things happen: you get used to it and you get bored. After a while it won’t do much for your muscles as they’ll have learned the movements and become accustomed to them. And once you’ve done something so often you don’t really want to do it anymore. So shake things up a bit. I don’t mean alternating between legs and arms (which you should do) but I mean that maybe one leg day you will focus on your butt and add in more exercises that are particular to those muscles, while one day you’ll decide to only do free weights, and another you’ll use every leg machine in the gym.

  6. Create a workout playlist.

    This is a huge thing that I didn’t even realise until my friend told me why he doesn’t listen to music at the gym: you waste a lot of time changing songs when something comes on that you don’t like, and in that time your heart rate settles, your focus shifts, and your motivation disappears. Creat a playlist and make sure every song on it is something that’ll both keep you pumped and that you won’t hate listening to. And don’t forget to change this up too – the same music can also get boring after a while.

  7.  Don’t stress about getting off track.

    So you miss a few workouts. You’ve (I’ve) had Five Guys three nights in a row. It’s not a big deal, really. I know people say the only way to lose weight and get in shape is to stay true and consistent, and yes that does help, but it doesn’t help if every time you falter you beat yourself up. That’s a surefire way to stop trying altogether. If you fall out of routine that’s fine, the important thing is you get back on track. If you’re serious, you’ll start again.

  8.  Stop weighing yourself.

    Seriously, stop it. Or at least, stop doing it so often. If your goal is to lose weight then weigh yourself every two weeks because that’s how long it takes to see a change in your body. The reason is that if you’re doing more than just cardio you’ll be building more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so you may not see a huge change unless you were genuinely overweight and had a lot of fat to lose. The number on the scale does not define your progress, you do.

  9.  Take photos!

    This is probably the one thing I’d tell myself to do if I could go back to when I started getting in shape. Take lots of photos of yourself. In clothes, out of. Post gym selfies, outfit of the day selfies, beach photos. Take them all, on top of genuine progress photos. There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing the progress you’ve made in your everyday routine. You’ll need them too, on those days when you feel like nothing is happening and you don’t see a point in continuing. Being able to look back and see how far you’ve come will give you more inspiration than any instagram photo, model, or blog post will ever do.

  10. Finally… know why you’re doing this.

    Whether it’s for health reasons, you want to run a marathon, you want to feel good about yourself, or whatever, know why you’re doing this. You have to constantly remember what your goal is while at the same time realising it takes some time to reach it. I know that we all want to just be who we want to be as soon as we want to be them but that’s not how it works. It takes time and it takes patience and the only way you’ll be able to hold out is to remember your goal.

So there you have it, 10 things you need to start doing if you’re trying to get in shape. Yeah, the list is pretty similar to all the other lists about trying to get in shape, but there’s a reason for that: they’re true. I know how you’re always searching for a different answer, the one that you want, but I’m telling you I’ve been there and this is the answer. It just takes time to accept.

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